Hand-made Crafts


A collection of hand worked three dimensional soft sculptures in felt and mixed media, many of them heart shaped, for all the milestones of life. For Christmas, for Easter, Mother's Day and birthdays, for example, all of which may be personalised.

These creations are like none you will ever have seen before. They are ENTIRELY hand made - and when I say this I mean there is no mechanical means used to make them what so ever - no sewing machine, no fancy gadgets. The materials used are of the highest quality and are often quite old and so truly Vintage (1912 to 1945) or antique - over 100 years old. They may take me a whole week to produce (not, I admit working all the time), and so cannot be cheap.

I hope you will view my little creations as heirloom products.

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Medlar House Hounds

I make terriers and other dogs in pipe cleaners. If you like, I can make them look like your own dog. They are from 2 to four inches in size, so true miniatures.

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